Monday, August 27, 2012

So sorry about that.

O.K., that last post was not me. it was my neighbor's son, Jimmy. Let me explain.

The day that post was published was the day I went to Wisconsin to visit family. I told Jimmy that I would pay him $20 to watch my house and my cat. So he did. Of course, he didn't steal anything, but I left my Blogger account signed in and said that he could use the computer. Bad choice. Why he would do that I don't know, he's usually a good kid. I don't know how he thought up that crazy story. NEVER was The Griffey rookie in my SHOES! Jimmy admitted to it yesterday. I was born in '84, not in the 70's! So, very sorry about this whole incident. G'bye!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shout out to Felix!

Nice game, King!

Now here are the rest of those packs!

2012 Gypsy Queen Baseball

No. 46 Chad Billingsley
No. 187 Brandon Beachy
No. 64 Jason Kipnis
No. 169 B.J. Upton
No. 301 Billy Butler straight cut mini
No. FS-MT Mark Trumbo Future Stars insert

Not a bad pack! That reminds me, thanks to Canuck over at Waxaholic, I am now a fellow time waster! Thanks Canuck!

2012 Topps Football [Retail]

No. 288 Patrick Peterson
No. 299 James Harrison
No. 264 Johnny Knox
No. 105 Knowshon Moreno
No. 216 Cincinnati Bengals team card
No. 20 Drew Brees 1965 Tall Boy Insert. I like these!
No. PP-LF Larry Fitzgerald. I also like these!
No. 277 Matt Flynn
No. 3 Brandon Weeden RC
No.  151 Mohamed Sanu RC
No. 209 Jahri Evans
No. 60 Darren Mcfadden

I like these inserts! I will try to collect them!

2012 Topps Football [Hobby]

No. 198 Joe Thomas
No. 235 J.J. Watt
No. 336 Kendall Hunter
No. 416 Jordy Nelson Gold Border. YES!
No. PA-MM Willis Mcgahee-Lamar Miller Paramount Pairs insert. These are meh.
No. 66 Jerod Mayo. WOOP
No. 99 Robert Meachem
No. 136 Josh Freeman
No. 357 Chris Givens RC
No. 257 Lavonte David RC

Nice packs! Inserts, GOLDS, and a Patriot!

O.K., that's all! Thanks for a great game, Felix!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm alive!

Hello! Believe it or not, I am somehow alive. I just have not had any cards to post in awhile. But now I do. Lots of new products to review! I've got new Football, Hockey, and Baseball.
Pack No. 1:  12-13 OPC Hockey rack pack

Wow, didn't think this came out yet. Just found it at Wal-Mart. LET'S RIP!

No. 76 Ryan O'Reilly
No. 476 Grant Clitsome
No. 366 Tom Wandell
No. 87 Mike Smith. Kill me now.
No. 457 Tim Jackman
No. 192 Brenden Morrow. One of my favorite Vets.
No. 93 Shane O'Brien
No. 193 Craig Anderson
No. 393 Derek Morris
No. 98 Johan Franzen
No. 379 Darroll Powe
No. 289 Jason Arnott. One of the best moments of my life. Up there with       [:[]
No. 189 Eric Brewer
No. 330 T.J. Galiardi
No. 485 Sergei Kostitsyn
No. 55 Kristopher Letang

End of part 1. This is intermission.


Part 2

No. 276  Jamie Mcginn
No. 371 Zack Smith
No. 181 Mike Commodore
No. 287 Matt Cullen
No. 247 Mathieu Darche
No. 293 Niklas Hjalmarsson  


No. 382 Alexander Burmistrov
No. 493 Nate Thompson
No. 298 Nick Foligno
No. 383 White back insert Barret Jackman. Cool.
No. 384 Brian Campbell
No. 94 Teemu Selanne
No. 398 Steve Downie. Avs rule this pack.
No. 165 Ian White
No.  40 Max Pacioretty
No. 45 Erik Condra

Not Bad.  Intermission was touching.


No. 146 Justin Blackmon
No.  130 Brian Quick
No. 135 Dont'a Hightower. Yes!
No. 140 Kendall Wright
No. 150 Trent Richardson
No. 142 Eric Page
No. 149 Juron Criner
No. 125 Alshon Jeffery
No. 136 Jarius Wright
No. 122 Dominique Davis
No. 140 Red-Bordered Kendall Wright
No. 150 RB Trent Richardson
No. 125  RB Alshon Jeffery
No. 133 Devier Posey
No. 128 Ronnie Hillman. He's getting a haircut on the front?
No. 101 Kendall Wright
No. 103 Brandon Weeden
No. 76 Trent Richardson
No. 90 Dont'a Hightower. WOOP! DONT'A [pun] TOUCH MAH HOT PACK!
Back to our regularly scheduled pack break.
No. 77 Marvin Mcnutt.Worst name of the pack.
No. 82 Juron Criner
No. 92 Broderick Green
No. 88 Devier Posey
No. 107 Case Keenum RB
No. 101 Kendall Wright RB
No. 88 Devier Posey RB
No. 119 Mike Willie
No. 89 Ladarius Green
No. 107 Case Keenum
No. 91 Dan Herron
No. 83 Dwayne Allen

O.K. Gotta go! I'll do the rest later! Bye!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clearing out space....... And an All-Star Game!

Not the Major League Kansas City Royals.........
That's right!  I went  to the Midwest    [Low A-Ball]   League All-Star game! The final score was 18-2 In favor of the West. And I was rooting for the East..........  The East has the Cougars and the Peoria Chiefs  [Cubs Affiliate!], while the East has The Tincaps. I got team sets for both leagues. I got Autos from both
leagues, and I will post both later. Some autos include huge prospects Miguel Sano from the Twins' team, the Chiefs' top prospect Paul Hoilman, and Padres catching prospect Austin Hedges. I got Austin's
autograph on a Baseball that said " DENNIS QUAID     THE ROOKIE" I saw Austin snicker at that.

Also, I got 1 pack of random cards from a package in my basement...... I also bought a pack of Bowman
Baseball........ Here they are.

.2004 Topps Heritage

No. 221 Reggie Sanders
No. 31 Aaron Rowand
No. 368 Dave Roberts
No. 136 Jay Payton
No. 442 Austin Kearns
No. 315 Ben Davis
No. 153 Ben Grieve. Yes!
No. 89 Shigetoshi Hasegawa.  My spellcheck HATES this pack.
Topps HTA Ad


2012 Bowman

No. 18 Yadier Molina
No. 81 Eric Hosmer
No. 98 Nyjer Morgan. His 2012 Topps series one Playoff card is HILARIOUS.
No. 145 Brandon Phillips gold
No. BCP12 Rafael Ortega
No. BCP68 Jeff Malm. Huh. Crap. He was in the All-Star game.........
No. 164 Max Scherzer
No. 217 Dellin Betances RC
No. BP68 Jeff Malm. AW F#@& IT TO HE11! WHY DIDN'T I BUY THIS SH@T BEFORE THE GAME!??!??!?!?!?!?
No. BP39 Mike Murray............
 O.K., It's over. The Zambrano attack is over. See you next time.

                                                   The Hawk.

Also, if there is a line over some words, just highlight them.

Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Random cards

I am going to try to do this post every Monday from now on. What I do is take 5 piles of Cards and take
One card from each pile without looking. So here we go.

2012 Opening Day No. 14 Buster Posey

Upper Deck Flyball game No. 75 Hank Blalock. Jeez, what happened to HIM?

1988 Donruss No. 477 Carl Nichols

1995 Pinnacle No. 354 Terry Steinbach. FrankenSteinbach. REALLY?

1988 Donruss Joe Hesketh No. 504 Joe Hesketh. I have WAY too many cards from 88, so it's not a surprise that I got 2 Cards from that year.

Oh yeah, if anyone is watching from Germany, Please comment. I like German people.

Friday, June 15, 2012

2011 Topps Series 2

Don't know where I got this, but here it is.

No. 560 Chris Iannetta
No. 434 Mark Derosa
No. 316 Chris Young. It seems like  there are too many "Youngs" in baseball.
No. 100 Albert Pujols. Who IS this guy?
No. 464 Daniel Bard Shiny Refractor Diamond Thingy
No. 460 Cole Hamels
No. 332 Melky Cabrera! MELKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!
No. 360 Ivan Rodriguez. The real "Pudge".
No. 616 Ross Ohlendorf
No. 477 Franklin Gutierrez. I'l put this in the "Random Pile Of Gutierrezes".
No. 361 Florida Marlins

Well, the pack was worth it, for the Melky and the dollar I paid.

2004 Topps Opening Day

I found this pack while cleaning out my basement. Probably very cruddy, but here we go.
No. 6- Tom Glavine. Good Braves lefty, will probably make Hall Of Fame.
No. 75 Jason Giambi
No. 57 Dmitri Young. I heard he has quite the collection of Baseball cards.
Topps HTA Ad. How dumb. It says: "STORES DISPLAYING THIS LOGO CARRY TOPPS CARDS AND COLLECTIBLES". Yet when you look at the "logo", it is covered with a sticker. Nice one, Topps.
No. 59 A.J. Pierzyinski. >:[
No. 30 Paul Lo Duca
No. 20 John Smoltz. Love this guy, worth the effort of me cleaning the basement.
Fantasy Baseball Sluggers paper-thin Ad.

Speaking of fantasy baseball, I [The Great Goldschmidts] am Currently 8-2. WHY MUST TULO BE HURT1??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!//!?!/